A trendy Christmas

A trendy Christmas

For your Christmas 2018, be trendy! The long-awaited celebration is fast approaching and it's time to create a festive atmosphere at home.


Christmas is a good opportunity to embark on DIY. Creating a unique decoration and "home-made" will provide you with real satisfaction.

If you do not know this trend yet, I invite you to get started! To cook, to tinker or to make ... nothing better to evacuate the daily stress!


Christmas would be nothing without a beautiful Christmas tree in the middle of our living room. I propose today to make your own Christmas tree. An immortal tree that you can reuse every year!

In order to make it you do not have to be a great handyman, you just need to bring a wooden pallet and saw some boards to form your tree! Then dress in a beautiful light garland and finally hang the decorations. Choose colors carefully! I opted for a 100% polar atmosphere with white and blue, you can also add a touch of silver to give a magical side!

"Love, Art and Allure"