Clarisse is a major actor of your stays. Our Inwood Lover is a maid in our hotel Le Walt. In this article, she tells us about her discovery of the typical French brasserie Linette.

Clarisse recommends the parisian brasserie Linette

Located in Avenue Rapp in the 07th arrondissement of Paris, the typical Parisian brasserie Linette offers simple and traditional cuisine. The welcome as the kitchen is very friendly, which has marked a lot our Inwood Lover Clarisse who wanted to share his experience with us. The reception is very friendly. The dishes are very good. The quantity is correct. And even the prices are very reasonable compared to the quality of the dishes.”

Indeed, as Clarisse explains: «You only have to read the menu of the other nearby bistros and restaurants to realize that Linette offers dishes at competitive prices».

As you will have understood, Linette is one of those unpretentious restaurants that plunges us into the Paris of conviviality, good living and quality food that the world envy us.

“Eat next to the eiffel tower at a reasonable price”

With its welcoming, friendly and dynamic team, Linette proposes balanced and gourmet dishes. Clarisse tested the burger with the camembert sauce, «excellent» exclaims! We also recommend ordering the typical dishes of the Parisian bistro, such as beef bourguignon or veal blanquette, which according to Clarisses are cooked to perfection. For dessert, we recommend homemade like the creamy lemon, delicious.

To get there, Clarisse recommends public transport, including bus line 80 or 92, and get off at the stop «Bosquet-Rapp». According to Clarisse, these bus lines passing through the Alma Bridge «allow you to admire the Eiffel Tower and the Alexandre III Bridge on the way to the restaurant».

Thus, we recommend this address which, despite its proximity to the Eiffel Tower, offers a comforting cuisine, with excellent service and unbeatable prices.