The Parisian terraces

Idyllic terraces

Paris is home to many bars, restaurants, pubs and bistros along the sidewalks... perfect for a drink or to eat in the sun! To capture a ray of sunshine, to have a coffee, to observe the people passing on the street, any excuse to relax on the terrace!

I am always looking for quiet places and little known. Do you know Café A?

Located in a former Récollets monastery, Café A is an ideal place to enjoy the sun's rays in complete tranquillity. You will find a cloister, a garden and different urban spaces. It is also home to the Center des Récoltes, residences of artists and researchers, the House of Architecture and the Order of Architects in Ile de France.

Listed as a World Heritage Site, it is an idyllic setting to hide from the sights and tumult of the city.

The adepts of the terraces more lively will find their happiness Place du Marché Saint Honoré. Located between Avenue Opera and Place Vendome, it offers a haven of joy and life. You will find many restaurants with extensive terraces. The presence of trees around the square gives this place a charming and pleasant air.

Belle époque

Sitting at a table, enjoying the moment, the urban spectacle while drinking coffee would take its origin from a precise moment of French social history.

After the 14-18 war, the French want to find the lightness of yesteryear. The 1920s and 1930s saw the birth of large cafés in Montparnasse and on the Champs Elysees, whose architecture testifies to the joie de vivre that seized the French capital after the First World War.

As a French woman, I love this open and protected space, where we can come and take the time to think, alone or with friends. The “terrace café” is not only the sanctuary of reflection, it also has an important social role. In good weather, the terrace becomes the office and reception area of the business world and the artistic world. Relationships are less formal than in a classic setting.

Meeting for a drink in the quiet or the bustle of the city is a French custom that fascinates and perpetuates the image of the Belle Epoque, the time of carelessness.

There is a little piece of heaven, ideally hidden: the patio of the Hotel Le Walt. A delightful urban retreat where time stands still, it will take you miles away from the bustling city!

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