Dear painting lovers,

We wish you a very happy New Year as well as our best wishes!

Since our reopening in June, you have shown us your love as well as your will too discover Le Walt and Paris. You were so many to come visit us that our heart has never pounded this hard! Each time you have walked through the doors of Le Walt, our heart was filled with joy, each time you have shared your experiences with us on Instagram, it pounded harder and seeing you happy in our home makes our heart go wild.

For this New Year, we offer you the key to our heart, to be kept safely, because it belongs to you.

2022 has many surprises for you in Paris and especially next to Le Walt. Exhibitions, sport events or even fairs will be hold at the Grand Palais Éphémère, just a few steps away from the hotel.

All the teams of Le Walt wish you a beautiful year 2022 along with their best wishes. We are waiting for you all and remain available to organize your next Parisian getaways.

Happy New Year!


Le Walt