An address with a lot of character, located in the 8th district of Paris, Le Chat Blanc is a warm bar-restaurant where art is honored.

You'll first set foot on a sunny terrace, overlooking the street of Franklin Roosevelt, with a facade decorated with flower necklaces in powdery tones.

Once you step out the door, the charm continues. If you like to stroll through museums and art galleries, you'll be won over by this place.

Reminiscent of the British salons of the 90s, this establishment is endowed with an atypical decoration, which will plunge you into a universe of its own, mixing historical works of art with current trends, with originality, singularity and sometimes even audacity.

Plant wall, paintings, and vintage photographs in black and white... A set of artworks with offbeat tones that will catch your eye. Not to mention the famous Mona Lisa who also stays in the heart of this unusual place. Very particular, it is a Mona Lisa... tattooed.  The painting of this woman is here revisited and even out of phase. Le Chat Blanc is a meeting place where artists are supported and presented through temporary and ephemeral exhibitions.

In addition to all these works, the furniture with armchairs and benches is comfortable and also colorful. 

It is a "chic & cozy" restaurant, with subdued lighting and soothing music, often described as "trendy" by its design and atmosphere.


We recommend you to stop by during your stay in Paris.

You will have the possibility to taste dishes elaborated with fresh products of season and inspired by the French cuisine. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, cocktails... Everything is possible at Le Chat Blanc.

We strongly recommend you to try the Rib Steak, a succulent and tender piece of meat, where the cooking required is very successful! To accompany: a good glass of French red wine.

We particularly recommend this address for those who have a thirst for discovery and who are attached to world culture.

The atmosphere created allows Le Chat Blanc to stand out. It represents a real place of life to recharge your batteries.