Ben at the Maillol Museum

Ben at the Maillol Museum

My dear readers,

To have a good start on 2017, I decided to be on the way of a new quest for an event that could solicit my mind and my reflection. I remembered that I had the time to make an exhibition that seemed to me quite conducive to what my mind was looking for.

He is an artist known for his performances, installations and other writings, he is one of the major figures of the contemporary artistic scene especially in France: Ben Vautier, better known under the diminutive of Ben. You have until January 15th to discover, the Maillol Museum and its exhibition devoted to this artist...

A personal and private collection

I was surprised by the richness of this exhibition, which highlight more than 200 works from personal collections and private collections. It was a retrospective that made us think and especially which revealed the multiple facets of this iconoclastic and provocative artist who challenged the single thought for more than 50 years.

This exhibition was divided into two parts, one dedicated to the beginning of Ben's career with a selection of its key works from 1958 till 1978 while the other was more contemporary. The museum gave to the artist «  full permission » by inviting him to invest the museum's spaces. It was amazing to see what Ben has designed specifically for this exhibition. Some of it’s works which will be presented to the public for the first time.

Since the late 1950s, Ben himself said: « I sign everything » - thus commenting, through his images and actions, the world as a whole. Each sentence, however brief, contains an immense potential of crucial questions about truth in art, the role of the artist in society or the relationship between art and life. Its writings cover a very wide range: intimate reflections or postmodern theories about art and even anthropology or religion.

It was a reflection of his personal questions about these themes which shows a critical spirit which did not hesitate to challenge everybody and everyone - including his own ego. I invite you to discover this unique exhibition by the way he blends the arts, philosophy and everyday life.

I would leave you quoting the same artist « a work of art is recognizable not by its material content but exclusively by the signature. »

See you soon !

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