Bercy’s exhibition, by Robert Doisneau, in Bercy Village

Bercy’s exhibition, by Robert Doisneau, in Bercy Village

Photography exhibition

Dear Readers,

I suppose that, child, before being attracted by letters, this is pictures which intrigued me. Photo, picture, paint, shapes, colours… I think that it appealed my child’s look. Whatever, my glance has not changed.

Today, I want to talk to you about an exposition made by Robert Doisneau. The photograph is known by the public for some of its cliché as “Le Baiser de l’hôtel de ville” or “Les coiffeuses au soleil”. Here, he presents us 30 new pictures of Bercy, between 1970 and 1980, exposing us a vinicultural past. Those pictures have known the impress to be witness of those lives’ scenes, as if I was there; 40 years before. Robert Doisneau has the gift to capture those lives’ moments, even in black and white, transmit us the feelings lived when the photo has been taken.

Back in the past

I walk between the pictures, I have the impress to be in Bercy. I work there, I fill with wine, I look at my colleagues in front of me, I see the animals which are daily in the streets. I am in the past, I live those moments with them. Robert Doisneau made me travel 30 to 40 years back.

I leave the exposition, abandoning the colleagues that I have just find back. I am going to the Hotel Le Walt. In the patio, I read Robert Doisneau’s biography, admirer of the one who made me travel in time, and I think about those words that might resonated in his head when he was taking pictures “Capturing ordinary movement of ordinary people in ordinary situations”.

See you soon!

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