David Hockney at the Pompidou Center

An exhibition melting paintings and photos

My dear readers,

From the 21st of June 2017, we will have the opportunity to assist to an exhibition of David Hockney’s works at Pompidou center. This British artist, born in 1937 in Bradford, is a painter and designer, draftsman, decorator and photograph which is a major figure of “Pop Art” movement, who strongly participated to social changes we observed during 1960s.

By melting paintings and photos, he knew how to create his own style, perfectly identifiable and recognizable.

As many artists, he made evolve his works over time and according to the life he had. This can be seen perfectly through the evolution of colours he used in his paintings, very dull and dark in a first time, much more coloured in a second time.

The men who said « artistic creation is an act of sharing » knew how to modernize its creations, even by using smartphones and laptops to realize his paintings and photos.

Beauty and paintings

I love the painters capable to give life to objects. His work on chairs is a perfect example: that it is the one from Jardin du Luxembourg, Van Gogh or Gauguin, they all have their own soul in which we find the inspiration of the artist by other artists.

David Hockney leaved 10 years in Paris and produced many works there: paintings, photos, reviews, articles… Proof that this city inspire every artist who set a foot in this place.

So I invite you to check the website to discover his most beautiful works which will give you an overview of what is waiting for you in this exhibition for which I cannot wait to assist.

My dear readers, this man said “The moment you wheat for the sake of beauty, you know you are an artist” For me, the talent and truth are source of beauty, and permit to make more beautiful something ordinary.

See you soon!

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