Exhibition at the architecture and patrimony museum

An artist vocation

My dear readers,

I had the chance in my life to discover very young my vocation. It is when my parents saw the way I looked many buildings with wonder and the reflexion I had on them at this age that they told me “one day, you will be an architect”

Years later, when children begins to think seriously about their professional future that this words came true.

I could not say if it was my destiny, neither if I have any talent for that, but during my studies, I could not stop working with strength and conviction, nor each day, I loved more and more the work I was ready to have.

Design buildings is more than a drawing or a simple work, it is for me a way to express my visions and emotions, in order to create Art that contain some part of my soul, my values and my heart.

Knowledges and exhibition

For all of you who would like to discover the story and the work as an architect and the way they are perceived, there is on the moment the exhibition Architect. Portraits and clichés at the Architecture and patrimony museum, Trocadero place, until 11th of November.

Mostly placed on the top of the Arts hierarchy, you will have the chance to learn more about the emergence of architecture in our societies, its evolution, the formations associated, our creation universe, work methods, tools and vocabulary.

I will go there with enthusiasm, this events are always a privileged moment to share and exchange on the subjects that passionate us and on we have a many knowledges. It is also a beautiful opportunity to increase it, absolute knowledge do not exist! Our eyes may open more and more every day if we are ready for that.

My dear readers, Leonard de Vinci, probably the most known architect in the world, gave us many quotes all as affable as true, and if there is one I use every day, it is “Simplicity is supreme sophistication”.

See you soon!

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