Exhibition Camille Pissarro

The father of impressionists

My dear readers,

I had already expressed to you, in a previous article, my passion for modern art, paradoxically, I am also an admirer of painting even if this one is less eccentric. It is certainly admirable to observe the difference between reality and the canvas that can be offered to us by an artist like Picasso. However, it is not for that reason that I do not know how to rave before canvases as can realize Vermeer with the reality of life in all its splendor.

Personally, I would perhaps give more credit to painters capable of drawing this reality which in our eyes may seem so simple and full of complexity for an artist. It is with this state of mind, that I go to visit the exhibition dedicated to the works realized by Camille Pissarro and which will be presented from the 16th of March to the 9th of July 2017 at the Luxembourg Museum. I am going also, to appreciate this painter having the abilities by the finesse and the accuracy of his brushes to make us relive the reality of a life of a past time.

How to not be envious of his history when we discover that he had the privilege to frequent and admire the works of the greatest French painters such as Delacroix, Corot, Ingres but also of other sleeves as Turner and Constable. This artist lived and was able to express himself at the heart of a period experiencing a real artistic and intellectual bubbling. Apparently, the artists inspired his works, since it was alongside Monnet that Pissarro gave birth to Impressionism.

A style but above all convictions

Shortly afterwards, the young Pissarro, anxious to learn, became friends with Cezanne, a period of his life which was particulary fruitful. It is at this time of his life, that Pissarro implements his political convictions in his painting as well as in his way of life by structuring his style, privileging the color and effects of light. Cézanne found in him « humble and colossal Pissarro » to even consider him a « father ».

Although the exhibition is on a more classic theme, I recommend this exhibition. All the works of Camille Pissarro are the fruit of a work based on a desire to share and on a friendship with the artists who helped him to shape his style. You will become aware of the dimension of human quality recognized by all of Pissarro thanks to the various testimonies of the painters who have rubbed shoulders with it.

I do not know how to paint, but if you want, I hope to inspire you by quoting Claude Monet « Before you a tree, a house, a field or whatever. Just think of this: here is a small square of blue, pink, a green oval, a rajajaune and paint exactly as they appear to you. »

See you soon!

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