Guernica by Pablo Picasso

An artist, a work of art

Dear readers,

Pablo Picasso is one of the artists who contributed the most to the evolution of modern art thanks to his extensive work and his creativity that allowed him to embrace all the artistic styles to make his own, which remains until today his legacy: only Picasso could paint like Picasso.

He could use all the mediums and is considered as the founder of cubism.

Apart from his artistic heritage, he is nowadays known for his political positions which made of him a major figure of the 20th century.

To express the extent of his influence, one can simply remind the entirety of his works : he created 50 000 in total, 1885 paintings, 1228 sculptures, 2880 ceramics, 7089 drawings, 342 tapestries, 150 sketchbooks and 30 000 etchings (engravings, lithographs, etc…).

The best known work in the world

If one of his works has travelled around the globe, and is present in schools, highschools and universities, it is undoubtedly Guernica.

Picasso realized Guernica in 1927 in Paris, with the intention to expose the bombing of the city of Guernica, Spain that same year, which was the historical and spiritual capital of the Basque Country. The city was destroyed by the air forces of the nazi Condor Legion.

He wanted to express the entire horror and anger that he felt for the war. He painted it within one month in his workshop situated at 7, rue des Grands-Augustins and for the first time accompanied by an observer: his mistress who took pictures of the different stages of the painting process.

It was with the intention to make his work easily understandable for all that he created Guernica, and any person who has tried to interpret it agrees that his intention is a stunning success.

My dear readers, this admirable man has left us with a quotation which perfectly mirrors his paintnig: « A painting was a sum of addition. For me, a painting is a sum of destruction. Thank you, Mr. Picasso for your moving legacy.

See you soon !

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