Henri Fantin-Latour at the musee du Luxembourg

Henri Fantin-Latour at the musee du Luxembourg

The musée du Luxembourg

Dear Readers,

Some time ago, during a sunny Sunday, I walked in Paris. I breathed the Parisian air, I saw this city’s movement. Metros which passed, birds which flew, people who walked and taxi which circulated: I love to discover this capital which, rarely, rests itself.  This is this city which inspires me in my work, in my hobbies. This evening, I took my easel, my brushes, and this is my artist’s soul which expresses itself, this is Paris that I draw.

Always looking for a model or an inspiration ‘source, I learnt last week that the musée du Luxembourg exposed, currently, the artist Henri Fantin-Latour. All his work hasn’t been integrally exposed since more than 30 years. Thus, I see this as an opportunity to discover the mark that left the artist.

An immersion in the painter's life

This retrospective invites us to discover the masterpieces of a realist painter. Still-life, portraits, allegorical paintings, imagination works, 60 canvases chronologically exposed, disclosing us all the genius of this French artist. Then, we could admire picture illustrating all the creating process. An immersion in the painter’s life to understand the work of an inspired man.   

This is in the hotel Le Walt that I enquire about the painter. I read his biography; I learn to know the man, before the artist. I think, I try to imagine his life his inspiration’ source, what push him to paint the famous Hommage à Delacroix, one of his masterpieces. Thus, this is Nietzsche who told “ It must guess the painter to understand the picture ”.

See you soon!


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