Jean-Michel Basquiat


Art can take many forms. It can be represented through writing, architecture and music, but the discipline most closely related to the word Art is painting. Painting or the art of drawing is undoubtedly the oldest art with origins dating back almost 40,000 years. Painting has been able to cross time and cultures to keep a dominant influence in today's world. Several movements launched by great painters have emerged such as Cubism via Picasso, Impressionism via Monet or Symbolism thanks to Clint.

We are currently living the period of Contemporary Art an art that I particularly appreciate thanks to his diversity and the multiple forms it can adopt canvases, videos, collages, graffiti, photography... A movement therefore cosmopolitan in the image of our time which has experienced a real upheaval thanks to an artist as mysterious as charismatic who has turned Contemporary Art into a modern dimension: Jean-Michel Basquiat.


The emergence of Basquiat was as fast as his fall. Young New Yorker knew from his 21 and died at 27 years who left his mark on the world through his painting and left behind nearly 2000 works in less than a decade. A young man who probably became a star too soon, a true genius who spread messages of tolerance and humanism through his paintings with a particularly committed and inimitable style.

An artist who was recently the subject of an exhibition at the Louis Vuitton Foundation. An event that I didn’t miss and that allowed me to really discover the universe of Basquiat and his history. A painter I knew by name until then in whom I had not been particularly interested. His world captivated me directly and won me over thanks to sublime works that convey frank and direct messages. I can therefore now affirm that Basquiat is, in my opinion, one of the greatest painters who was able to influence his time and leave his mark on the artistic world for eternity.  

"Love, Art and Elegance"

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