Metro Abbesses

Metro Abbesses

Parisian subways

Dear readers,

This is during my sunday walk that I love to lose myself in the capital looking for enriching discovers. Get tangled up in the street, and discover new things, each time. This is, in Montmartre that I am generally surprised. This neighborhood, full of artists, offers me during all my walks, a panel of artists who filled me with wonder. This romantic atmosphere gives me, each time, the spread myself of this history’s area. Renoir, Modigliani, Van Gogh, Picasso and others have lived here. I walk, without any accurate goal, I look at the cobblestones, the walls, thinking about the artists who were searching, here, the inspiration before me.

Montmartre neighborhood

Indeed, a few times ago, I ventured myself in the subway to the 18th district, ceasing at the stop « Abbesses ». Lost in my througts, 36 meters under the ground, I took the stairs. Indeed starting my ascent, step by step, I look at the walls. Painting representing Montmartre lead my process : musicians, Moulin Rouge, flowers, the Butte Montmartre… Throught those paintings, I imagine Montmartre, I live it, I inspire myself with this area. Arrived outside, this is with astonishment that I transpose paintings in the reality. Those paintings carried me away in Montmartre, while I was on the way which carried me there. Then, walking around at the mercy of my desire, I discover, leafing through streets and little ways, paintings, trompe l’œil which enthralled me.

After those kind of day, this in in the Hotel Le Walt that I love to be. I settle myself in my room, sit in the chair, I look at the head of the bed, this big painting which sourround my nights, and I think about Salvador Dali, who, one day, told «  Painting is an infinitely minute part of my personnality ».

See you soon !

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