Monsieur Inwood and the Painter's Art of Living

Monsieur Inwood

Dear my readers,

Ever since I was a young boy, I remember spending most of my Sundays by exploring the museums of a Paris that seemed mysterious and addictive to me. In this way, among the Arts families articulated around the places encountered, painting was the one which attracted the most my attention. Indeed, while most of my mates was joining to have a football game, I was letting my mind roving to the search of the most beautiful murals paintings. Number of times, I find myself amazed front of some paintings that succeed to condense hundreds of pieces of writing on one canvas.

The Painter's Art of Living

It's kind of like the Proust's madeleine, this scent of paint that I use to smell when I’m walking in the Parisians streets remembers me my tender childhood years. I can remember myself, budding artist that I was at ten years old with my pallet of paint in the hand, ready to let my imagination loose by waving with a crude way my paintbrush on the canvas. I’m still hearing the sighs of my mother which saw my artwork more on my clothes than on the painting tissue still humid of paints.

Wearied, disappointed of my achievements, I convinced myself that this Art was not for me. However, I knew how to nourish this curiosity and turned it into my passion of always : the architecture. As a portraitist will do, I let my public guess my ideas, my state of mind and my universe.

During my meetings, I had the opportunity to have wonderful feedbacks on the hotel Le Walt and its amazing atmosphere that reigned there.  It didn't take long to pique my interest. The surprise live up to the expectations and the wonder of senses was there. Me, eternal lover of Georges de la Tour could not have dreamt of anything better than sleeping below an amazing reproduction of the famous “Cheat with the Ace of Diamonds” as bed headboard. It’s here all my childhood that I can retrieve.

To finish this first act, I let you with this quote of Eugene Fromentin : “The art of painting is just the art of explaining the invisible with the visible”.

See you soon,

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