Musée Picasso Paris

A Committed Artist

The works of Pablo Picasso are odes to beauty, nature and life. This famous artist has revolutionized the art of painting many times in his life.

This great painter was committed by his positions, especially during the rise of fascism in Europe. Guernica, which represents the massacre of the occupants of the Guernica village by Franco's troops in Spain, is today a true symbol of resistance.

Pablo Picasso marked the 20th century, the coast of his works is still outstanding and he is exhibited in the largest museum in the world.

As you will have understood, I like the paintings of Picasso but you must know that I particularly appreciate the strength of his artistic commitment. He overcame the rules of painting by creating Cubism.

We have the advantage, my king readers, to enjoy and admire many of his works at the Picasso National Museum in Paris.

An enchantment

After 5 years of work and renovation, the Picasso Museum opens its doors. It contains the largest public collection in the world of the artist’s works.

I was very excited to discover the impressive collection this museum presents and I was not disappointed! I was struck by the beauty of the building that was previously a mansion in the Marais.

As soon as I entered the museum, I was amazed by the vaulted caves, the beautiful attic structure and the grand staircase that connects the different levels. During your visit, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a view of Paris, Beaubourg and the Eiffel Tower.

The collection is also very impressive, and the renovation of the museum has tripled the exhibition space.

I had a real crush for the different Picasso photographs in the museum hall. They were taken by the American photographer David Douglas Duncan. Visitors can see Picasso in full work in front of his easel.

Finally, I leave you with a small sentence of Pablo Picasso that I like very much: "It took me all life to learn to draw like a child."

See you soon!

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