Naive Art


My dear readers,

As an autodidact for all Arts I practice, I had to be interested in all styles, from all provenance to acquire knowledges and observe numerous methods to develop my own way to do and create.

It is really important, perhaps indispensable for me, in artistic creation, to search to have pleasure because I consider Art as a personal and intimate freedom, and if talent or audacity of some artists permit them to diffuse their works, I prefer constantly integrate a strong reflection based on beauty that all works may contain.

Far away from our perceptions, I consider that apprenticeship and sensibility are the two aspects of Art that will permit to the artist to create something unique which will strike the spirits.

Uncertain Naivety

Lastly, I assisted to an exhibition that inspired a beautiful waves of creativity, so much I perceived in this current a part of my style and my way to paint.

I had few hours at Halles Saint-Pierre, below the Buttes Montmartre, also known as the Naïve Art Museum.

The Naive Art… Oxymoron or pleonasm, I asked myself this question on the read before to be very surprised after I observed the first works of this exhibition.

I loved this Art and what it represents… It is trying to offer an almost ingenuous vision, quite infantile of our world. For each paintings, I felt the pureness of the emotions children have in them.

Douanier Rousseau, the famous painter is the leader of this movement, located away from all the academics standards and causing a certain astonishment on the persons that have a closest interest about it.

But above all, the colour schemes and the quality of images that gives to this works of this style all its splendour, an approximate style and uncertain technic doing their charm.

My dear readers, Auguste Renoir confirmed my autodidact thoughts with this quotation: “Painting is learned in museums”

See you soon!


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