Paul Cezanne

An exceptional painter

My dear readers,

There is many important painters, but the one who made his mark on history are much more rare. Today, I wanted to speak about one of them who, in his own manner, created itself a reputation which made him one of the most famous painter in the world.

Paul Cézanne. Born in Aix-en-Provence, this French impressionist will have revolutionized his art by developing his own methods and technics. He is even considered the « Father of modern art » being the first to use geometry in portraits, and particularly recognized for having given life to still life.

During his young years, he formed the « inseparables » with Emile Zola and Jean-Baptiste Baille, his childhood friends. Paul Cézanne leaves no one indifferent, as an artist and as a man. He had a strong Provencal accent which no one could miss, he was said to be as gentle as a child, and of a suffering timidity, and remains, like most geniuses, still misunderstood.

Artist Life

Although his attachment to Provence can be felt through his works, it was in Paris that he met with success. Twice he came here to launch his career as a painter and inspiration. The first, he missed his entrance contest at the Beaux-Arts and went down again to the South. The second, he worked obstinately and painted his first masterpiece which led him to the glory he sought through the meeting of various artists.

Despite the suffering he felt when he grew older, after having contracted several illnesses, he never stopped painting until his death, considering his work as unfinished.

It is therefore normal and understandable that he greatly influenced a generation of painters, Kandinsky, the father of abstract art, saying of him « he elevates still life to such a level that objects outwardly dead become interiorly alive. »

My dear readers, I think we recognize the great artists to whom they give this world, not to what they take from it.

See you soon!

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