Pierre Joseph Redoute and the power of flowers

The « Raphaël of flowers »

My dear readers,

Today, I wanted to speak about one of the painters who inspired me the most and made history of this incredible Art. I admire him so much that I wish I could observe one day one of his painting at the hotel Le Walt.

This painter clusters two of my main inspirations: paiting, of course, but also my love for plants. So I speak about Pierre Joseph Redouté, where you can find some of his masterpieces in the Musée de la vie romantique from 26th of April to 1st of October 2017.

As many other artists, painters or else, he had many year of is life in Paris and was close to the Palais de Versailles so much that the Queen Marie-Antoine became one of his protege.

Florale arts

So Pierre Joseph Redouté became a sort of myth in painting history, so much as he was nicknamed the « Raphaël of flowers ». He is so well knowed as the most famous painters of flowers and is reputation surpassed majority on frontiers.

I admire this man who comes from a family were art was given from father to sons. He knew how to evolved with time. Indeed, he knew how to adapt himself to different political regimes conserving his reputation so the totality of his pieces stroke the people who watch them.

From Louis VXI reign to French Revolution, from Empire to Louis-Philippe reign, he kept a special place in society, who made him become teacher at prestigious Sciences Academy.

Moreover, which better museum than romantic arts one to discover Paris? Which better symbol than flower could qualified love, joy, sadness and life and death?

My dear readers, life may be sometimes like a flower, no matter if one fade, another will gleam much more. I would even say that we are all flowers which, if we fade, we decide to shine or shadow on life.

See you soon!

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