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There is a reflex that I almost systematically have when I go back home, it’s listening to some music, but not just any old how. I like listening to music on my phone, it’s very practical, but it’s not as enjoyable as listening to music on a disc in one’s living room.

There is no such thing as allowing oneself to relax in an armchair while listening to a good CD on one’s hifi system or to a good vinyl on one’s record player. To me, the quality of sound is undeniably better on those media. There are way more details and the listening, more immersive, is then greatly improved.

I also find that it is much more pleasurable to have the physical product in one’s hands. Nothing beats the pleasure of unwrapping the last LP that you just bought at the local record shop. It’s as well more satisfying to have a physical collection, you can see it getting bigger over the course of time and it is more gratifying.


Since 2011 in France, there is each year a day organized for and by the independent record shops owners. The name of this day? The record store day of course! It’s a day that exists in the United States since 2007. This year it will take place on the Saturday 13 April 2019, there are more than 200 record stores that participate in around 90 cities (just in France).

The record store day is the opportunity for the record stores to offer great discounts on their products and to sell some exclusive versions of certain vinyl records. It’s also the opportunity for some singers to promote their art, certain are singing or playing or mixing in some record stores for instance. In 2016 it was the group Metallica for example that was the ambassador of the event.

In short, this event is a little bit like a World Music Day but for the lovers of music. Consequently, I feel obligated to participate and to take advantage of this day.

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