René Magritte exhibition : The treason of images

Surrealism in all its glory.

Dear all readers,

The art lover that I am was not built in a day. Single child, I have spent a lot of time with my coloured pencils to try to redraw the landscapes that were presented to me. One day during my adolescence as I had spent my holidays in my grandparent’s home in Normandy, I found old gouache tubes in a Toy Box in the living room. I decided to realize a paining with the available funding, initially to stop the boredom than by artistic desire. I spent time, but to my great surprise, the result was pretty interesting and surprising. I felt proud to have done, without help, my first painting.

The treason of images

Even if I had the chance to discover many indispensable references of paint in museums of the world, I learnt gradually the practice of this art with an autodidact way. The previous weekend, flipping through the pages of the June edition of “Connaissance des Arts”, I came across the description of an exhibition dedicated to the Belgian artist René Magritte at the Centre Pompidou in Paris. Without further delay, I left to meet realizations of one of the biggest surrealist painters of all times. What a joy to admire artworks that reflect the complexity and the brightness of the Belgian genius. I had been transported the time of the exhibition in a world where images which were exposed are surprising as poetic.

I truly hope that I gave you the will to take a detour of your daily routine to admire these masterpieces. Next to the exhibition, I took the way of the hotel Le Walt in order to transcribe my experience that I had at the Centre Pompidou. Once in the wonderful living room of the hotel Le Walt, my writing did not cease to be inspire by the sumptuous reproductions of paintings of the greatest masters. I love this cosy place where art lovers and travellers of the world are mixing together in a relaxing atmosphere.

Don’t forget my friend, Henri Matisse used to say : “ Paint must be used for other issues than paint.”

See you soon,


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