Retrospective of Bernard Buffet

The Musée d’Art Moderne

My dear readers

My fascination with Art, no matter the form in which it is expressed, probably stems from the idea that Art is being discussed. Like science, it is analyzed and then challenged by experts in the field. Then, it evolves, freezes to mark its time or disappears. Some artists are misunderstood by these specialists, To emerge their works need time to express the real perception of the message and thus their qualities.

Despite he is today considered as one of the most famous French painters of the 20th century, Bernard Buffet was also one of the most discussed.

For some forms of art emerge, society has to be ready to understand them. Fortunately, the distance brought by time has allowed many artists, professionals and amateurs of today to reconsider his works. Some of them had confusing aspects but they have been partially mitigated by the evolution of our society.

A misunderstood artist

By sweeping all of his works in a retrospective, very selective because of the great productivity of the artist, the exhibition showed the unsuspected quality and variety of what may remain as the most fascinating pictorial works of the last century and whose influence will perhaps be one of the most considerable.

From October 14, 2016 to February 26, 2017, the Musée d'Art Moderne of Paris proposes a selection of a hundred paintings. What is surprising is that his works were in reality seen few time because of their polemic dimensions. It is also the only public museum with a large collection of works from the artist.

Bernard Buffet was an artist with an obscure paintbrush who transmitted through his canvases a certain reality of life. Self-portraits, still lifes, was his favorite subject although he also enjoyed exploited different subjects systematically like the historical painting with the Horror of the War or even literature by the Hell of Dante.

Far be it from me to be pretentious, but it seems after looking this abundant documentation that the focus of this exhibition was the constant reflection of Bernard Buffet and especially the public's view on the mechanisms of this notoriety

After this exhibition, I came back to the Hotel Le Walt, before going to my bed, I would say to you: Although time is our biggest enemy, it is important to be patient in order to see the seeds of our lives come out.

See you soon!

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