Street Art in Paris

Street Art in Paris


I am fascinated by art in all its forms and its evolution over time. During my strolls in Paris, I was able to discover an unusual Paris full of works of art that cover the concrete of many facades. I became more interested in the beauty of Street Art and its monumental colourful frescoes that can be seen at the turn of an alley, in every corner of the city.

From Montmartre to Butte-aux-Cailles, through Belleville, Oberkampf and Ménilmontant, Paris is an absolute open-air museum that I take pleasure in roaming wide and across to find new atypical spots with indescribable charm.

Particularly rich in art, Paris is a city that inspires, where street artists can let their creativity express themselves to give birth to these magnificent ephemeral works. I continue to marvel at this city that never ceases to amaze me day after day with its diversity, you never know what you can come across…


A contemporary artistic movement inspired by various graphic disciplines such as comics and posters, Street Art brings together all forms of visual arts made in the street or other public places. Also known as “Urban Art”, it includes the practice of graffiti, stencils, mosaics, stickers, video projection and display.

The urban environment and in particular buildings,  streets or sidewalks become a vast canvas and open up an infinite number of possibilities for street artists who are no longer limited to a simple sheet of paper.

Easily accessible and visible, Street Art is a powerful means of communication aimed at a wide audience. Often used for political purposes, to show its discontent or by refusing to blend in, Urban Art is in my opinion a strong symbol of non-compliance and freedom of expression.

"Art, Love and Culture"