The International Contemporary Art Fair 2016

Artistic Nostalgia

Dear readers,

May be you would have noticed in my previous articles, I was lucky to have in my childhood a present mother on my side. Enamoured of this mystery that Art represents in this eyes, she strived somehow to alert my curiosity as well as my passion for artistic fields. From Picasso paintings to Niki de Saint Phalle’ sculptures through by Marc Ebershweiler eccentricities, my mother wanted at all cost to sharpen my sense to deploy my openness.

All this energy wasn’t spent in vain. It is encouraging me to admire and to contemplate works. Once adult, I realized the importance of art in my life. Art stimulates me, inspires me, takes me, intoxicates me…

The French Capital and the contemporary Art  

Today, I am deeply grateful because it is with a overflowing enthusiasm that I am going to visit the FIAC. Have you heard about it? It is the International Contemporary Art Fair.

Each year, at the time when the brilliant colours of autumn sift the French capital, Paris neighbourhoods discovered a crowd of contemporary works, each pieces more surprising than the others. Although keen regarding artistic field, I remain a humble patron. I console myself by saying as luck would have it. For this exhibition, the students of the Ecole du Louvre offers presentations of works. I must admit that I was captivated by their talents to speak and to give life to works while highlighting the mysteries they conceal. More than just exposure event is an international meeting between gallery owners, collectors and curators.

At a time where some are unyielding and frightened by the idea to cross the museum doors, the International Contemporary Art Fair, offers new way to admire the works. They are based in the urban environment of our dear city of light in attendance to live an exceptional exhibition.

Art and especially painting represents inestimable treasure in my eyes because of memories of my childhood which are associated, in particular the image of my loving mother. After long days of exploration and reflection, nothing is better than tasting whiskey in one of the Inwood Hotels. I decided to stay at the hotel Le Walt, because it illustrates with delicacy my emotional attachment for this virtuosity that Art represents for me.  I hope I have succeed to arouse your curiosity and your desire to browse Paris to discover contemporary art. Remember, dear readers “ Let us put art into life, and life in art.” said Marie d'Agoult.

See you soon!

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