The masterpieces of the Bridgestone Museum of Art

A unique collection

My dear readers,

The Bridgestone Museum of Art of Tokyo is probably one of the museums that suprised me the most. The Ishibashi family built a collection worthy to the most excellent arts passionates. What a surprise to see it coming in Paris with some of their best masterpieces in april 2017 !

I could find some of my favorite paintings by one of my favorite inspiring artist: Claude Monet. What could i say about Renoir or Cézanne who, with Monet, did of  impressionism a predominent trend of 20th century.

I can’t wait to admire again this painting which provoced in me this so intense passion i feel for this art.

The month of April

It is on april that I painted my first picture and it is thank to an unbelievable picture that my inspiration araised. A meetinf as unexpected as magical, as wonderful as fantastical. Like that, my senses and emotions got free, and that let me enough astounded by what happened, which made me the artist I am today.

This month is, for me, one of the most pleasant of the year.

First of all because it begins with a joke we were expecting for and a surprise we are not expecting for. If the joke is a success, it becomes the suprise that will cause a so intense smile which will make the all month better. If the joke fails, it will let place to a big novel that will makes us stronger than ever.

Then, the freshness that seized Paris until then will progressively vanish for the sweets sun rays more regular, which strokes our body like a mom in love of her children would do. The light, which became colourless and cold, enlight our smiles buried behind our coats that we will soon  put away to get undressed et enjoy as we must do spring. 

My dear readers, I wish you a prodigious april month, and keep in mind that hapinness always fall on you when you are not expecting it.

See you soon!

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