The Musée d’Orsay’s exhibition : an Archaic Candour

The Musée d’Orsay’s exhibition : an Archaic Candour

Henri Rousseau at the Orsay Museum

Dear readers,

I would like now to invite you to the Orsay museum and start together a nice visit. Until the 17th of July 2016 stands the exhibition : an archaic candour. It is a collection of major paintings of the artist Henri Rousseau also known as ‘le douanier Rousseau’.

As an architect I choose to offer authentics and also private artistic creations. When I lost my inspiration I remember ‘Le Douanier Rousseau’as his style turned into a huge reference in the Artistic’s World. Through ‘Le Douanier Rousseau’ ‘s masterpieces the Candid Art has been brought up to date.

A painter's life

I thought a lot about the life of Henri Rousseau. He decided to become an Artist at the age of 40, which was a risky gamble. The age is nothing but a number and the strengh of conviction only matters to release a masterpiece. Sometimes it is hard for an artist to handle criticism and pressure but the essential remains and helps the artist to achieve an timeless artistic’s work. In a dreamlike and exotic atmosphere you will be enchanted by amazing paintings.

The work of Henri Rousseau became completely a real source of inspiration especially to the Surrealism Movement. Like ‘Le Douanier Rousseau’ I wish I could become a reference for several generations of designers to come.

The famous poet Apollinaire used to say: Henri Rousseau is the most mysterious, audacious and charming ambassador of exotism painting »

I let you think about that,

See you soon,

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