The Valentine’s Day 2017

To live a 14 February in all simplicity...

My dear readers,

The days of the year 2017 pass quickly, too quickly, so much that the Valentine’s Day shows up at the beginning of February.

What a dilemma to live a Valentine's Day! We do not especially wish to celebrate it but we have to prove to the other that we have not forgotten him, I find it a little bit strange. Especially since no one really knows where this festival comes from. However, we are persist in dedicate this day to love, if we are lucky to have it at our side this February 14th. There were many years that I had not been anxious as this day approaches.

Many of us think that Valentine's Day is a purely commercial event, but do you really know where this party comes from?

We owe the lovers feast to the Roman emperor Claudius II. He canceled all engagement of the empire to prevent his soldiers from being tempted to stay with their fiancee rather than go to war! Furious a Catholic priest named Valentin decided to secretly marry lovers. He was discovered and sent to prison until his death. Romantic is not it?

One moment shared

To be honest with you, I do not need a particular day to let Elena know how much I love her, how happy I am to wake up with her and especially how much she is important to me.

Nevertheless, this is the first time we will spend Valentine's Day together and February 14 remains a key date for all passionate couples. I want her to live a wonderful day without the marked of the traditional cliché, candles, restaurant and chocolate in a box in a heart form.

I wanted to stay simple, you know me the word simple is already for me quite complicated because I can not do things by half, especially for the person who makes my heart beat. I decided to wake her up with the smell of a lightly grilled baguette, a rose on the tray followed by a small note to wish her a good day, all delicately deposited at his bedside before I left her to go to my office.

I decided to associate the word simplicity with our February 14th.

In the evening, I gave her an appointment in a secret place which marked my teenage year, a roof the most ordinary as possible, except that this one offered an unprecedented view on our capital and Its wonders. It was with a champagne bottle and small salty aperitifs that our Valentine's Day began, no gift or artifice only us and Paris.

Sometimes you want to live wonderful moments but we forget the essential, which is to share this moment with a person who is dear to us.

I wish you a delightful evening, personally mine is just beginning...

See you soon!

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