Vermeer at the Louvre Museum

The sphinx of Delft

My dear readers,

When you are reading my articles you must have wondered why I talk mainly about the city of Paris and why I will not explore other cities that this vast world can offers us. If my choice is Paris, it is mainly for the cultural richness that the different museums unveil throughout the year with exhibitions as surprising and instructive as each other. The year 2017 is coming and it has a particularly rich program. One exhibition attracted me more than others. This is the exhibition on one of the most famous Dutch painters: Vermeer.

This name does not evoke you anything yet, but you see it every day, it is the artist who painted the famous image of a milkmaker preparing her butter. You probably succeed to visualize which painting I am talking about? From February 22nd until May 22nd of 2017, the Louvre museum, the National Gallery of Ireland in Dublin and the National Gallery of Art in Washington will organize a unique kind of exhibition, aiming to highlight the relations between painters of Dutch genre (painters who tend to describe reality in their works) in the period 1650-1675.

The Louvre Museum

This exhibition, which has been lengthily matured between those institutions, will allow visitors and art specialists to have better understanding regarding how Johannes Vermeer and contemporary painters of everyday life scenes admired each other and competed with each other. I will certainly invite my maternal grandmother who is one of his fervent admirers. It is largely thanks to her, that my passion for art and especially hatching painting appeared, but this is another story I would have the opportunity to tell you soon. It will be a beautiful way for me to express my gratitude for what she taught me.

Before wishing you a pleasant evening, I would quote Leonardo da Vinci « Who blames the painting, blame nature ! »

See you soon !

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