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A drawing internship at the Louvres

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Mlle Inwood

A drawing internship at the Louvres

The desire to learn

I've always wanted to learn how to draw. During my free time, I like to try to reproduce drawings or objects. But, I realized that I was lacking some basics to be able to make the drawings I imagine.

Have you always dreamed of learning to draw too? Or would you like to improve your drawing skills? I found the most magical solution: a drawing workshop at the Louvres! Indeed, I have discovered, a while ago, a platform of artistic courses that offers drawing courses in the mythical Louvres museum.

An extraordinary artistic experience

There are internships of all durations on different platforms. The one I prefer is a 5-day course open to all levels. Indeed, with a very active professional and personal life, this intensive course seemed to me the right solution.

During this training course, the teacher will take you through several rooms of the famous museum in order to approach different themes. The course takes place in small groups where the teacher has time to guide and help you according to your objectives and level. This experience is not only an apprenticeship for drawing, but also a deep discovery of the patrimony and art. This is magic!

"Love, Art and Training"


Metro Station

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Mlle Inwood

Metro Station

The Parisian Metros 

It is during my Sunday walks that I like to lose myself in the capital in search of enriching discoveries. Lose yourself in the city and discover new things. It is in Montmartre, that I am generally surprised. This district, full of artists, offers me a panel of works that amaze me. This romantic atmosphere always makes me want to immerse myself in the history of this district. Renoir, Modigliani, Van Gogh, Picasso and many others have lived in this area. I walk without really having a path traced, I observe the cobblestones, the walls, thinking of those artists who have sought inspiration in these places before me.

The Montmartre district 

Thus, a short while ago, I ventured into the metro towards the 18th arrondissement, stopping at Abbesses station. Lost in thought, 36 metres below the ground, I took the stairs. Thus begins my ascent, step by step, I observe the walls. Paintings representing Montmartre frame my journey: musicians, the red mill, flowers, the Montmartre hill... Through his paintings, I already imagine Montmartre, I live it, I get inspired by it. Arrived at the top, it is with astonishment that I succeed in transposing the paintings into reality. These paintings managed to transport me to Montmartre. Then, walking according to my desires, I discover, at the bend of the streets and small paths, paintings on the walls, trompe-l'oeil that amaze me. 

After a day like this, it's at the Walt hotel that I like to find myself. Then I sit in my room, sitting in my armchair, I look at the headboard, that great painting that frames my nights, and I think back to Salvador Dali, who one day announced "Painting is the visible face of the iceberg of my thoughts".

"Love, Art and Culture"


Street Art
in Paris

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Mlle Inwood

Street Art
in Paris

An Open-Air exhibition

I am fascinated by art in all its forms and its evolution over time. During my strolls in Paris, I was able to discover an unusual Paris full of works of art that cover the concrete of many facades. I became more interested in the beauty of Street Art and its monumental colourful frescoes that can be seen at the turn of an alley, in every corner of the city.

From Montmartre to Butte-aux-Cailles, through Belleville, Oberkampf and Ménilmontant, Paris is an absolute open-air museum that I take pleasure in roaming wide and across to find new atypical spots with indescribable charm.
Particularly rich in art, Paris is a city that inspires, where street artists can let their creativity express themselves to give birth to these magnificent ephemeral works. I continue to marvel at this city that never ceases to amaze me day after day with its diversity, you never know what you can come across…

A committed art

A contemporary artistic movement inspired by various graphic disciplines such as comics and posters, Street Art brings together all forms of visual arts made in the street or other public places. Also known as “Urban Art”, it includes the practice of graffiti, stencils, mosaics, stickers, video projection and display.

The urban environment and in particular buildings, streets or sidewalks become a vast canvas and open up an infinite number of possibilities for street artists who are no longer limited to a simple sheet of paper.

Easily accessible and visible, Street Art is a powerful means of communication aimed at a wide audience. Often used for political purposes, to show its discontent or by refusing to blend in, Urban Art is in my opinion a strong symbol of non-compliance and freedom of expression.

« Love, Art and Elegance »


The unusual streets
of Paris

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Mlle Inwood

The unusual streets
of Paris

Scenic Walk

A stroll through Paris always brings new surprises. When the sun comes back I like to lose myself in the picturesque Parisian alleys and each time I walk I discover new streets, new addresses, it's magical! 

There are districts such as the 11th and 12th arrondissements where you can get lost in authentic alleys, far from the main avenues and the hustle and bustle of Paris. The 11th arrondissement of Paris is undoubtedly one of my favourites. It includes many courses, passages and unique addresses. 

During these walks, I like to observe the architectural style of Parisian houses. It is possible to discern dozens of architectural styles on the facades of these buildings. As you walk around with your nose in the air, my dear readers, you will make unsuspected discoveries. The architects have created real treasures to seduce us! 

The Cremieux street 

With its facades of all colours, the Crémieux street is a real invitation to travel. Its cobblestones, its shimmering colours give it a lot of charm. 

This bucolic street gives the impression of being in a southern city, a warm city. I like to compare it to the streets of Valparaiso in Chile or the island of Burano in Venice, and yet, rue Crémieux is only a few steps from the Gare de Lyon! 

In 1857, the street was built and consisted of 35 pavilions which at the time cost only 700 francs in rent. Imagined on the model of workers' cities, it was named avenue Millaud when it was created and then renamed in 1897 in tribute to Gaston Crémieux, defender of the workers' cause. 

Be sure to stop at number 8, which indicates that the water reached a record level of 1.75 metres during the 1910 flood. 

The detour into this street with its old-fashioned appearance will confirm that Paris is an eternal treasure hunt! 

"Love, Art and Discovery"

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