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The Parisian Metros 

It is during my Sunday walks that I like to lose myself in the capital in search of enriching discoveries. Lose yourself in the city and discover new things. It is in Montmartre, that I am generally surprised. This district, full of artists, offers me a panel of works that amaze me. This romantic atmosphere always makes me want to immerse myself in the history of this district. Renoir, Modigliani, Van Gogh, Picasso and many others have lived in this area. I walk without really having a path traced, I observe the cobblestones, the walls, thinking of those artists who have sought inspiration in these places before me.

The Montmartre district 

Thus, a short while ago, I ventured into the metro towards the 18th arrondissement, stopping at Abbesses station. Lost in thought, 36 metres below the ground, I took the stairs. Thus begins my ascent, step by step, I observe the walls. Paintings representing Montmartre frame my journey: musicians, the red mill, flowers, the Montmartre hill... Through his paintings, I already imagine Montmartre, I live it, I get inspired by it. Arrived at the top, it is with astonishment that I succeed in transposing the paintings into reality. These paintings managed to transport me to Montmartre. Then, walking according to my desires, I discover, at the bend of the streets and small paths, paintings on the walls, trompe-l'oeil that amaze me. 

After a day like this, it's at the Walt hotel that I like to find myself. Then I sit in my room, sitting in my armchair, I look at the headboard, that great painting that frames my nights, and I think back to Salvador Dali, who one day announced "Painting is the visible face of the iceberg of my thoughts".

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