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The travel bag

A travel bag is the right choice before going away for the weekend. Less imposing and more elegant than a suitcase, the travel bag is your first ally during your travels. So, which bag to choose when you're going away for the weekend? I have only one piece of advice, leather!

Leather luggage is synonymous with nobility and refinement. As much appreciated by men as by women, this accessory is a must-have for all your travels. Leather hand luggage exudes a touch of vintage and authenticity for traveling with distinction.

To stand out from those "cabin" suitcases that are found almost everywhere, it is time for you to adopt leather luggage! Do you know Paul Marius? Specializing in vintage-style leather goods, the French brand offers timeless pieces. I fell in love with this beautiful LeHonfleur bag: original and chic look guaranteed!  

Silk Painting

A true work of art, silk painting is an ideal activity to fight against stress and forget the little worries of everyday life. 

A few months ago, I discovered this amusing technique that allows me to create many textile accessories. Using freehand or tracing, painting on silk is accessible to everyone! Take a suitable silk, silk painting, brush and gutta to create colourful works of art. 

The first step is to place the silk on a frame, it must be perfectly stretched. Then come the creative phase where you will draw patterns with gutta. Once the gutta is dry, apply the paint to the silk by spreading the dyes with your brush.

Do you want to get started? Discover La récolte de Sokina Guillemot. In the 11th arrondissement, Picpus metro station, the artist offers various workshops: painted silks, illustrations, scarves, everyday objects, painting on silk will no longer have any secrets for you! 

The canopy

Ideal to brighten up a room, the canopy is very trendy these days. Indeed, it offers a feeling of space and allows light to enter the room, which brings out the colour of the walls and enhances the decoration. Often used to separate two rooms as in a loft, it can also be used to replace a door, a window or as a conservatory. Several materials can be used, the canopies are most often made of steel, aluminium or wood. This trend can therefore be adapted to your desires and is suitable for all styles.

Not to mention the style of artist's studios, it gives character to your interior with an industrial, chic and design touch. I particularly appreciate the canopy space of the hotel Le Walt where I like to sit with a coffee to read and enjoy this peaceful space with a view on the terrace. A real haven of peace in the heart of Paris!

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French femininity takes pride of place in items created by the Tara Jarmon brand, founded in 1986. Let yourself be tempted and surprised by the variety that can be found in their chic and elegant catalogue.


Poiray, an innovative jewellery brand, supplies a full range of interchangeable luxury watches. Notable for its small rectangular watches, the brand has had premises on Place Vendôme since 1973.


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