Le Mexique des Renaissances at the Grand Palais

An exhibition which makes us travel

Dear readers,

As I love to say it: I love the Arts of Living. I love the French style, I love to travel, I love painting, literature, sculpture… I am fond of when those ones combine themselves to surprise us. They make us travel and dream. They inspire and transport us. I cherish those moments when, went in search of Paris, I discover along a street, a new exhibition, found by luck, which presents me a new Art or an Art that I already know. Thus, I go to the discovery of those exhibitions and I feel adventurer, combative to the search of this precious treasure which is the culture.

The Mexican Art makes an appointment in Paris

Few times ago, I was in the subway when I saw, by far, an advertising presenting the exhibition about “Le Mexique des Renaissances” in the Grand Palais. I came back home and started to make some researches to inform myself about the exhibition. This one will take place at the Grand Palais, from the 5th October 2016 to the 23rd January 2017. I learnt that Frida Kahlo, Rufino Tamayo and Diego Rivera will be represented through their masterpieces.

Today, opening day of the exhibition, I came to the Grand Palais, to the conquest of the Mexican Art. I came into the building to discover plenty of masterpieces: draws; photographies, impressionisms, cubisms… Everything was present to relate us the artistic Mexican expansion of the XX century, after having banished the Spanish Monarchy. I found in those masterpieces the desire of freedom and the need of artists’ expression. The necessity of change and the modernity were visible through each of those masterpieces. In the course of the visit, a sensation of patriotism grew up inside me, more I advanced, more I understood them, supported them.

I went out the exhibition and I felt the need to know more about those artists, about Mexico and its independence in front of the Spanish monarchy. I stopped myself in a library to buy a book relating the story of this period and I took the way to the hotel Le Walt. Settled in the interior patio, with my book, I had the wandering spirit. I was impressed by the artistic revolution that I had glimpsed this day. I was curious to know more. I let you my friends, never forget the words of Thomas Hobbes: “The desire to know the why and the how is called curiosity”.

See you soon!

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