The Nuit Blanche 2016

A cultural night

Dear Readers,

Since 2002, Paris awakes during a night dedicated to the culture. Each first week-end of October, I browse the city with my friends, to discover masterpieces. This year, Paris chose the theme of love, and especially the Dream of Poliphile. This man who searched the love of his life, Polia who was present when he was dreaming. This is with impatience that, last week-end, I joined my friends during the Nuit Blanche of Paris.

To start this night, we have rendezvous, my friends and I, at the Pont d’Arcole at the workshop of the broken hearts. This is in this place that people gave me fragments of a broken heart which will be repaired at the end of the night.

The nocturne walks of culture.

Then, this is toward the Place Saint-Gervais that we directed ourselves. The faces of people were waking up through a video projected in the windows of the Hotel de Ville. I observed people, their wonderment. My friends and I were happy about the performance whose we were the witnesses. This is when glimpsed, by far, a face which seemed familiar to me. I directed myself to this person when my friends called me. The time to return myself, the young woman had disappeared. A little disappointed, I followed my friends to the Tribunal du Commerce to see the Catherine Deneuve’s face exposed on screens. A travel in time that make us relive her cinematography. I tried to focus on what I was spectator, but I was obsessed by the young woman, by her face. I wanted to know if I knew her. Night passed and I couldn't concentrate myself on the Nuit Blanche because I was focused on her face. Disappointed, I went to the Passerelle Debilly with my friends to make repair our fragments of broken heart that people gave us at the beginning of the night. A man was repairing mine when I raised my head and I saw her by far.  She was looking at me. I approached to her and I heard her soft voice for the first time when she told me “My name is Elena”.

I directed myself to the hotel Le Walt, early morning hours, after this long nocturne walks. I thought about my night, when I saw Elena, when I learnt to discover her. I thought about her voice, her smile, her glance and my heart speeded up. I felt alive. I thought to Poliphile, when he found Polia, and I had the impression to be the hero who finds his sweetheart. Thus, the warmth of love will certainly allow me to recover and rebuild parts of my soul fainted.

See you soon!

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