Love of cinema : the Champo

Love of cinema : the Champo

Love of Cinema

My dear readers,

Since I fell into the cinema as a child, I like to make good ones from one film to another. I don't have the infused science of projection, I'm a simple dreamer who likes to tell herself stories... that's why I decided today to write to you my love for the 7th Art.

In my opinion, cinema draws his beauty from the fact that it arouses emotions before reflection, feelings before reason. It allows the awakening of consciences, it makes live an intense and unforgettable moment to the greatest number of people who share, during the time of a film, a memory that can mark their life.

At the end of the 19th century, cinema was born in Paris. The famous Lumière brothers show the first film in the playroom of a Parisian coffee. Since then, the City of Light and the big screen have been closely linked. A special relationship that was not built thanks to the giants of the film industry but was born in the small neighbourhood cinemas with their hushed and atypical atmosphere that are independent cinemas.

The Champon

I still remember my first session. It was my 8th birthday. My parents took me to the cinema in my neighbourhood, the mythical Champo cinema in the 5th arrondissement of Paris. A place rich in history that is rather discreet during the day, at the foot of a classic Haussmann building. But, at nightfall, these lights up like a lighthouse in the night, thanks to these neon that give it a surprisingly modern feel despite these 80 years of existence. 

A cinema that I have never been able to leave and that I will probably never leave so much his unique atmosphere and his sharp programming have marked my thoughts. Between auteur films, polars and romances, my head never knows which screenings to turn to, but my heart is always filled with it.

Le Champo is therefore a cinema that plays his own film, a permanent shooting that will probably never stop... where sitting in front of the screen is always a moment of pleasure.

See you soon!

"Love, Film and Passion"